The CHT-serial library implementation

CHT-serial: a serial Chunks and Tasks library implementation

This is the page of the CHT-serial library implementation.

CHT-serial allows compiling and running a Chunks and Tasks program serially. This greatly facilitates development and debugging since compiling and testing the code becomes much simpler. Also, debuggers and analysis tools like valgrind are easier to use for a serial program.

Compiling and running a Chunks and Tasks program using CHT-serial

To use CHT-serial, simply compile your Chunks and Tasks program using an ordinary compiler, e.g. gcc, and link with the CHT-serial library file "libcht.a". The program is then executed like any other serial program.

Compiling and running a sample program

As a specific example, here follows a description of how to compile and run the Fibonacci sample code using CHT-serial. We assume here that the CHT-serial and Fibonacci sample source code packages cht-serial-2.0.tar.gz and sample-fibonacci.tar.gz are placed in the user's home directory, in this example /home/elias/. First, unpack and build the CHT-serial library: tar -xzf cht-serial-2.0.tar.gz cd cht-serial-2.0/ make Unpack the Fibonacci sample and rename Makefile.serial to Makefile: cd ~ tar -xzf sample-fibonacci.tar.gz cd sample-fibonacci/ mv Makefile.serial Makefile Edit the first line of the Makefile so that CHTPATH points to the directory containing the CHT-serial library files: CHTPATH=/home/elias/cht-serial-2.0/source Now you can compile using make: make Now the executable file test_fibonacci_minimal has been created. Run the program in the usual way: ./test_fibonacci_manager

Source code

To download CHT-serial source code, please follow this link: source code download

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